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kanye west douche photo
Biggest Music Douches of 2013

The music industry has a plethora of douche bags, but some truly stand out with their outrageous personalities. After doing some fine crowd-sourcing, we came up with a list of the biggest music douches of 2013. Yes, there’s plenty more names that should be on this list, but the five musicians below are the crème […]

Fourth of July in Hermosa Beach

Fourth of July, the day this great country we live in got it’s Independence on. But for many Southern Californians, including myself, it’s just another excuse to get drunk and crazy on the scandalous sands of Cali. Formerly living in San Diego for some nine years, I was accustomed to probably the craziest Fourth of […]

Dirt Nasty at Sutra in Schwagport

So yeah, just like any other normal girl with an eye for hot bad boys, my girl calls me up and asks me if I want to go see Dirt Nasty and Andre Legacy perform at Sutra in Newport Beach. Granted I hate all the kooks and gold-diggers in OC, and I despise any douche […]