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Peaches Puts on Her “Pussy Mask” in New NSFW Video, Out Now Via Third Man Records

There’s a reason you know Peaches. The Toronto native (and Scorpio sun) has made a name for herself as what some may see as a provocateur; others know her as an outspoken, queer feminist who has embedded herself in popular culture. Her latest track, “Pussy Mask” is a cheeky response to anti-maskers that puts her […]

Zoe Elaine |
STRFKR slip into blissful nothingness with sizzling performance at El Rey

After what has been a rollicking week for the city of LA, rocked by a tragic presidential election and massive protests in response, STRFKR brought a much needed distraction to the El Rey last Friday night with their sizzling synth dance-anthems. Dressed rather plainly (for them), Joshua Hodges and his mechanic jumpsuit-clad band members were ripping in […]

Steven Ward |