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Nintendo's Wii Music

I can’t get over how many of my friends love Nintendo Wii. Even my girlfriends like to go bowling on the Wii all sozzled. I’m still not one for video games, but I do like Guitar Hero and perhaps this new shit. Nintendo has brought in “Wii Music.” And no it’s not the crazy thrashin, […]

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Peep the Cool Soundtrack for "Skate it" and "Skate 2"

Just like skate vids, apparently dope skateboarding video games have a kick ass soundtrack as well. Check out the 52 eclectic songs featured on Electronic Arts’ (EA) up and coming Skate It and Skate 2. From Motorhead, Wu Tang, The Clash, and Louis XIV, you pretty much got a gumbo of goods: Read the full […]

Geeky Gamer's wet Dream

Tired of going outside? Do you despise the sun? Are you deathly afraid of meeting actual people? Perhaps you’ve given up on the whole  “career” thing? Well if you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this gigantic piece of shit is right up your alley! Are people really into this garbage? Or […]

Etnies GvR Goes Digital

Sole Tech just keeps getting bigger and better, spreading it’s seed through every outlet. The 5th annual etnies GvR (Goofy Vs Regular) has hooked up with EA (Electronic Arts) to make it’s video game debut. I wonder if their infamous after-party will be a part of the game: sex, alcohol and rock n roll! Read […]