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The Kills At El Rey 5/21/08

So my buddy, “big shot Tony,” the moniker I use to pester him, invites me to The Kills’ sold out show at the El Rey theater in LA. As much as I loathe the crazy drive there, considering I’m rollin’ up from Carlsbad, I gladly jump to the occasion to see this kick ass band […]

The Embalmers

Do yourself a favor and check out this awesomely unique band that throws down some sic tunes! Not only are these North County, San Diego budding rockstars skilled in their trade, but they’re easy on the eyes as well (hot!). The Embalmers provide some trippy sounds, funny ass samples, and of course some skillful music […]

The Black Keys Kinda Saved Rock n' Roll

These guys are epic and bring back the root of what rock n’ roll was made of. If you missed the first half of their entirely SOLD OUT North American Tour, or if you’ve just finally caught on to this inspiring duo, (well you should check out their past 4 albums first off, nothing but […]

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