Do yourself a favor and check out this awesomely unique band that throws down some sic tunes! Not only are these North County, San Diego budding rockstars skilled in their trade, but they’re easy on the eyes as well (hot!). The Embalmers provide some trippy sounds, funny ass samples, and of course some skillful music on the guitars, drums, vocals and whatever other device they can find to squeeze a sound out of. The vocals are smooth and eerie, with a shotgun of energy. The Drums never skip a beat and will keep you bobbing that head, complementing the groovy basslines and slick guitar chords. Punk, garage, surf rock, zombie, call it as you will, they just rock n’ roll.

It’s hard to find good music, anyone can sound great on audio, but these guys kill it live! Their stage performance is where it’s at and sure to get those bones movin’. Aside from from their loyal following and usual sexy bandaids, there’s always room for more. So check out some of their tunes here, with more to follow. With a plan to hit a slew of So Cal spots this summer, keep tabs on their myspace page for future tour dates.

But in the mean time, you can catch em’ Saturday, May 30th, at the “Tales From the Black Van” video premiere, taking place at the RVCA headquarters. Shit’s gonna go off! Great surf video and great music. There will be a second premiere at one of my favorite spots, Hensley’s Flying Elephant Pub in Carlsbad on June 5th. Peep the trailer below which features The Embalmers and their music. And check out the photo gallery of their show at the Tower Bar below!

Oh, and they do an awesome Roky Erickson, “Your gonna miss me” cover, harmonica and all.