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coachella line up poster
Coachella 2014 line-up announced!

The Coachella 2014 line-up has been announced!  KROQ has been teasing us the past hour via Twitter and Goldenvoice just now posted the official Coachella 2014 line-up poster. Arcade Fire, Outkast, Queens of the Stone Age, Lorde , the Replacements, Broken Bells, Pharrel Williams, Lane Del Ray, Neutral Milk Hotel, AFI, Bryan Ferry, Disclosure, the Knife, Muse, HAIM, […]

Coachella 2011 Line-up Announced (Official Coachella 2011 Poster)

After a crazy day of waiting for the almighty Coachella to announce its glorious line-up, music enthusiasts across the map were left with a bitter taste on their musical palettes when the clock struck 5 p.m on Tuesday, January 18. With a big rumor floating around that KROQ would be announcing the line-up this evening, […]

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