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British songstress Låpsley ascends the heights of rhythm and blues with debut Long Way Home

No matter how eclectic you believe your music tastes to be, everyone has that one genre that one almost unconsciously develops a mild annoyance to. Part of being apart of this world includes being asked what kind of music you listen to–most of us always offer up the same answer: “A little bit of everything, except…” We all have at […]

Must-See Coachella Undercard: Låpsley — the new face of power pop ballads

There are really only two things you need to know about Coachella lineup honoree Låpsley; one, her powerful pop ballads are one of the most exciting things that have happened this year so far, and two, she enjoys yachting. The British singer/songwriter spent much of 2015 releasing a number of tracks, the first four of […]