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Mbongwana Star
Mbongwana Star brings vibrant sounds of the Congo to The Roxy

The sounds of Congo and Los Angeles came together this past Saturday night in none other than the famed Sunset Strip in Hollywood. With a day that was already hot, the evening transitioned to a night illuminating with perpetual warm vibes. The Roxy became a venue full of brilliant colors and feel-good ambiance. Los Angeles […]

FarahSosa |
10 Best Coachella 2016 Niche Bookings

One of the things that makes Coachella special compared to every other festival is their ability to step outside of the box with their bookings. With more than 150 total acts on the lineup, they’re able to pull from niche genres that don’t get a lot of mainstream love without compromising the amount of name-recognition talent […]

Sandra Burciaga Olinger |