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10 Women Artists You Need To Hear If You Like Lana Del Rey

If you like Lana Del Rey, you will love these singers and music artists who in their own way are similar to Lana Del Rey, or exude a likeminded vibe. From breathy and sultry vocals, to dark tones that can get switched up real quick to a playful vibe, all these women singers and performers […]

The Marias
On their stellar debut “Cinema” The Marías dazzle and enthrall with the warmth of their romance for life

On Cinema, the stellar debut album of Los Angeles-based vintage crooners The Marías, it is the distinctive ebb and flow of emotion between the band’s central duo/couple (María Zardoya and Josh Conway) that makes their mix of Latin pop, psychedelic-soul, and jazz leanings that much more enthralling. It’s what powers the dynamo of delicious sensuality, […]