black.keys.weekend 087Be aware, when you go to Sunset Junction, you’re going to a crazy carnival of fun! No joke … people watching galore. A little to many annoying “hipsters” for me but I sure did have a great time, even though I was deathly tired and felt like a zombie. Good music, good food, good people, good rides and good Keys, The Black Keys that is (not surprised right? ha). While battling a hangover derived from the So Co Music Experience the night before, I somehow managed to spill and entire can of Tecate in my purse. Backstage ran out of beer, so I ran to the bar across the way, bought a can and chucked it in my purse thinking it was a “closed” can. Nope! Buh-bye ipod. Sandy needs a new ipod! But don’t fear, I still got the sickest music collection backed up on the itunes and such.

Sweet memories and the sweetest view.