Coachella 2009 – Day 3

Sunday, day three, the final round of Coachella and boy was it a hot one! I think the last time I checked, the temperature read 106 degrees. We took it easy on the alcohol, being that many of us were just knackered from the previous nights. And for some, including myself, I had been partying for five days straight since the Black Lips show at the Detroit Bar!

Sunday was sweet and filled with good beats:

We came in during Busy P.’s set which we caught for a few minutes. Hung out backstage for a bit then ventured over to the Gobi tent where Sebastien Tellier was going on. Again, not too much time spent as we were thirsty for some drinks and to meet up with our crew.

I guess you can say we caught a lot of music on Sunday instead of hanging out for a handful of full sets. I think I prefer catching 5-6 good sets or lengthy partials, relative to the time I spend at a festival as opposed to 10 snippets. Although Sunday was fun, I find the music least memorable (due to the lack of time spent on each show), except for The Cure of course.

The rest of the performance I caught:

  • Lupe Fiasco – Not bad! I actually enjoyed this performance although the sound on the Coachella stage was not up to par. I have to admit, I’m not too much of a fan of hip hop today (loved it in the early 90’s), but this guy was stylin’ with beats that my body just had to move to.
  • Lykke Li – I’ve always loved this girl ever since she was low on the radar (now she’s climbing high). Poor thing looked like she was burning those Swedish thighs on the Outdoor stage. Her performance was good, but nothing compared to what I saw at the Glass House some two months ago: now that was jaw dropping. One of her closing songs, “Tonight” was sweet and nostalgic to hear, still hits my heart.
  • Pete Bjorn and John – This was just a fun happy time. Dude in front of us was just bouncing around like a kid on a new mattress. Good stuff, love their sound and the feel-good vibes.
  • Yeah Yeah Yeah’s – One of my favorite bands! Karen O’ kills it! Again, the sound wasn’t the best on the Coachella stage but I enjoyed every minute of their performace.
  • Devendra Banhart – Whoa! Devendra had a big ole crowd up in the Gobi tent. This guy is such a character and I love his music. Clad in some 80’s like beach apparel, I wish I had stayed longer than two songs.
  • Late of the Pier – So happy to see this band finally! They fuckin’ rock and get your body shakin’! I so look forward to catching them in a small venue. Definitely one of my new favorites! Was nice running into some of my old San Diego crew here too.
  • The Horrors – These UK rockers are great live. A lil dark yet groovy ambient rockolla! Great mix of all things rock. I’m definitely going to catch them at the Glass House on May 21.
  • Christopher Lawrence – Oh yeah! Getting down with the ravers. I had to see his set as it brought up crazy memories from my high school days of dancing into the wee hours on God knows what drug! Good times but I had to get out there soon as the flashbacks hit! Ha
  • The Kills – How I love thee. Caught about five songs and as always they’re bad ass, love the beats in the drum machine to complement their rock roots. I really enjoyed hearing some of my favs “Last Day of Magic” and “Tape Song.” Good times ahead at their LA shows late May.
  • Public Enemy – I knew they were going on the moment I heard Flavor Flav’s annoying voice. Naw, but it was cool for the brief portion we caught from afar.
  • The Cure – Wow! Talk about a loooong set, sucks they pulled the sound on the godfather of gothrock. It was great and I immediately texted my eldest brother on how great the performance was (he was a huge fan back in the early 80’s). Robert Smith sounds just like he did back in the day. This was one of my favorite performances. When he played “Just Like Heaven,” I was in heaven.

Bands I missed and would have like to have seen:

  • Friendly Fires
  • Brian Jonestown Massacre
  • X (I can’t believe I fuckin’ missed this)
  • Paul Weller
  • Groove Armada

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