Elvis Costello at Amoeba Music Hollywood

Smooth operator

Costello is one smooth operator.

Promoting his new album, “Secret Profane & Sugarcane,” Elvis Costello played a FREE show at Amoeba Music in Hollywood yesterday evening. Hands down, Costello was just amazing. Opening up with my favorite song off his new album, “All Time Doll,” he played a stellar hour set. The man’s voice is mint! Hearing him live in such close proximity in an intimate setting was pretty damn sweet, hearing him play a cover of Buddy Holly’s “Not Fade Away” just added all the more sweetness to this Monday treat.

One the highlights of the show was when he busted out a pair of hot pink Ypsilanti panties in reference to “Sulfur to Sugarcane.” Apparently they were gifted to him just hours earlier when her performed at the Amoeba in San Francisco: “never a rip, never a tear with Ypsilanti underwear. ” Somewhere along his many tours and travels, he discovered that the ladies in Ypsilanti, don’t wear any panties.


3 thoughts on “Elvis Costello at Amoeba Music Hollywood

  1. Sandy

    Awe, it was truly the goods! Have been a fan for quite a while but now I’m officially in love with Elvis Costello!

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