Them Crooked Vultures!

crookedvultures215It seems as though supergroups are the hottest trend with famed musicians of the late. They’ve been around since the early days of rock n’ roll but lately they’ve been getting quite the revival. The Dead Weather created quite a hot buzz amongst music lovers everywhere and now Them Crooked Vultures are ready to take the reigns.

Last week the news came out about the rock-god threesome and by the looks of everyone’s Facebook and Twitter updates, fans and industry peeps were pretty fuckin’ stoked. Made up of Queen of the Stone Age Josh Homme, Foo Fighter Dave Grohl, and Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones, The Crooked Vultures played their first show at a Lollapalooza afterparty at Chicago’s Metro. Not much footy has been found of the mysterious event, but they did post a link via Twitter to their new song “Nobody Loves Us and Neither Do I”. Don’t get too excited though, it’s only 14 seconds of jammin’. Talk about heavy anticipation! It’s like a bit of a tease. Only this one doesn’t have a set of tits.


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