I don’t know how I wasn’t fully aware of The Blood Arm before, but clearly there’s been a huge mistake.  They are an absolute delight to listen to, and tons of fun to watch.  There are only three songs on their myspace page, and they haven’t put out an album since 2006, so maybe this isn’t totally my fault, but I want more of The Blood Arm, and I think I’ll get it!  Their third album, “Turn and Face Me” is set for release this spring.

They kicked off their show with “She’s A Guillotine“, which should be found on their upcoming album.  This band has serious charm,  Nathaniel Fregoso has a stage presence that’s rare these days.  He works his hips and dances around with the microphone stand something scandalous, like America and I just discovered this thing called rock music.  Sometimes they sound like Kasabian, but mostly they make me want to stop taking notes and just dance!

People filled into the Echo to enjoy the dance party that The Blood Arm offered, and Nathaniel jumped off the stage several times to dance around with us.  We all danced together while he sang us, “Do I Have Your Attention” from the floor.  They took requests and Nathaniel was working the room like a preacher, singing “Suspicious Character” to us from the girls bathroom (“I like all the girls and all the girls like me!”), and jumping onto the bar and grabbing a bottle of  Vanilla Absolute Vodka before heading back up to the stage to take swigs off of it.

I’ll never forget seeing The Blood Arm, the LA band has a song about Randy Newman and even if they didn’t sound so damn good, they put on one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while.

* The Blood Arm also played with the Heavy Young Heathens and The Ettes. Check out their reviews and photos too!

Word: Roxy Roknian