Recently signed to Epitaph, So Cal rockers Weezer put on a hell of a show last Saturday, Aug. 7, 2010 at the US Open of Surfing. Their set was full of unbelievable energy with their axe poses, stage jumping, crowd interaction, fashionable -or-not-so fashionable kilts (yes, like the kind Axl Rose used to sport), football passing, gansta-rapper-crotch-grabbing, onstage bikinis, Lady Gaga impersonations and so much more! Weezer with out a doubt put on an eventful show (a photog’s dream) and one that would definitely be hard to follow.

Playing alongside Weezer was one of our favorite bands, Hot Hot Heat. Good thing for them, they were the opening act because after watching Weezer’s amazing set, they pretty much would blow anyone else after them out of the water. Check out the photos below from this sunny outdoor, beach side show (yeah, that’s how we do it in California.)

Weezer’s new album, “Hurley” is in stores Sept. 14, 2010. You gotta love the cover art! I mean, who doesn’t love that big sweet bear we all know as Hurley from “Lost?!”

For even more Weezer photos, click here!

Photos: Ivette Orenos

Words: Sandra Burciaga


For even more Weezer photos, click here!

Hot Hot Heat