MTV to Launch a Series of Music Videos Titled “Supervideos” Premiering with LCD Soundsystem

First there were “supergroups,” and now there are “supervideos.” It seems as though MTV is trying to make its way back to what it started off as: a television station that showcased the latest and greatest music videos. Although most commonly know for premiering some of the lamest reality television, MTV is partnering with cinema and pop culture magazine, MEAN, to launch a brand new series of music videos featuring A-list talent, entitled “Supervideos.”


News Flash MTV, this is nothing new to music videos. Many A-list celebrities have been doing music video cameos for years now. Take the following videos below for example:

The only difference is, MTV is actually trying to coin and take credit for something that has been going on for many years now. Pffft, whatever …

Regardless, we  love LCD Soundsystem over at Grimy Goods and in support of their new music video “Pow Pow” from their latest album “This Is Happening” we’d like to share the video below. It stars Anna Kendrick and is the first of MTV’s and MEAN’s alleged “supervideos.” To us, it’s just another cool video featuring some high profile personality, the shit’s been happening for days.

Words: Sandra Burciaga

One thought on “MTV to Launch a Series of Music Videos Titled “Supervideos” Premiering with LCD Soundsystem

  1. Selia

    i haven’t watched MTV since I was 15. I’m now 27. It’s only good for feeding meaningless bull shit to teens. Even then I only watched it for The Real World. Yes, totally lame.

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