Concert Tickets: Metallica at the Fillmore in San Francisco (December 2011)

Metallica at the Big 4 – Photo by Ciera Leisenfelder

After watching them play a mind-blowing set at the Big 4 this past April, we knew Metallica would be back for some more carnage. Celebrating 30 years of metal, Metallica have announced four show dates at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco this December 5, 7, 9, and 10! These unique shows will include special guests and events, rare songs, varied set lists, odds and ends, and all the nutty stuff you expect from Metallica.

This special string of shows are only open to Metallica Fan Club members. So if you’re not a part of the their fan club, you best register now! And to top it all off, tickets to each show are only $6!!! No fuckin’ joke. Or you can attend all four shows for only $19.81 (get it?). How’s that for keepin’ it real at 1980’s prices? (FYI: it costs $45 to join their Fan Club … still worth it though).

For more information on Metallica’s 30th celebration tour at the Fillmore and to purchase tickets, click here!

2 thoughts on “Concert Tickets: Metallica at the Fillmore in San Francisco (December 2011)

  1. Sean mccarthy

    I as well as two other friends joined the fan club in hopes of getting tickets and none of us did for any of the four shows. i think the fact that many people are going to all four shows while others like myself don’t get to go to any seems pretty unfair

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