Top 10 Best Record Reissues of 2011

Last year, I said the best thing about being a vinyl collector in this day and age is that everything is being reissued. Guess what? It is even more true now. With the reissuing of at least the top two or three records on the list below, I saved hundreds of dollars! And, with records like the Apples In Stereo’s “Funtrick Noisemaker” and a couple from Billy Childish and Thee Headcoats slated to be reissued in 2012, it’s only going to get better for us vinyl folk.

By: Alex Roman



  1. The Beach Boys The Smile Sessions (Capitol) – I have had a copy of this in digital format for years, and I know a guy who was invited to Capitol Records to authenticate some of the recordings, but it is nice to have a proper copy of Brian Wilson’s masterpiece. If you ever think you are too good for The Beach Boys, like I used to be, this is the one that starts your deeper love and appreciation for the band.
  2. Olivia Tremor ControlMusic from the Unrealized Film Script: Dusk at Cubist Castle/Black Foliage, Animation Music Vol. 1 (Cloud Recordings) – I tried buying these records for years, but could never get them at a suitable price. Now, I own and cherish these records, which only collectively come in at No. 2 because of the fact that so much of what OTC does is directly influenced by the Beach Boys.
  3. Marvin Gaye What’s Going On (Motown)- Hey, you all know who Marvin Gaye is and that What’s Going On is considered his greatest record, but how vital and pertinent the message of this record still is today is a testament to the man’s genius.
  4. Dinosaur Jr.  S/T/You’re Living All Over Me/ Bug (Jagjaguwar) – To me, there is not much from the ‘90s that even comes close to touching You’re Living All Over Me. Owning the first three records and hearing the polish of Bug makes you really appreciate the steps the band made from albums one to three.
  5. Sebadoh Bakesale (Sub Pop) – I have such an affinity for this record that it’s hard to imagine it not being in my life. I have also already played it several times for my six-month old son in hopes that it changes his life…ha! That it is only No.5 on my list speaks volumes for the quality stuff being reissued.
  6. Spiritualized Lazer Guided Melodies/Pure Phase (Plain) – It would have been nice if they re-mastered these two gems as well, but you can’t be too choosy now can you?
  7. Ride Nowhere (Rhino) – I read this article recently where Creation’s Alan McGee apologized for introducing Ride to bands like The Byrds. While some of the band’s stuff after was good, it did not come close to the perfect blending of Britpop and shoegaze on “Nowhere.”
  8.  GZA Liquid Swords (Get On Down) – Many times hip-hop doesn’t wear well with time. This classic not only does, but it is the best thing to ever come out of the original Wu cannon, when all the records were still produced by RZA.
  9. Smashing Pumpkins  Gish/Siamese Dream – OK, I used to really love Smashing Pumpkins around this time, before Billy Corgan turned into an intolerable dick! If you don’t believe me, read the liner notes to Siamese Dream.
  10.  Suede – S/T, Dog Man Star – I didn’t even realize they reissued these this year. Haven’t bought them yet, but can’t wait to wrap this up so I can. Until next year!

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Record Reissues of 2011

  1. josh

    Why would anyone think they’re “too good” for the Beach Boys ? That makes no sense. The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson particularly were and are brilliant; the greatest rock band of all time.

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