Hot Band Alert: Trust – TRST – Album Review

Just when you’ve heard enough of dark electronica with the same beats, baselines and vocals—transcends the duo Robert Alfons and Maya Postepski to formulate Trust (Maya is also in Austra, their 2011 release was one of our favorites of the year). Representing Toronto, Trust is already in my Best of 2012 list. In recent times, the electronic music scene has gone through a roadblock with many projects repeating the same style of 80s, darkwave, techno and EBM-influenced. The majority of bands that fall in this genre are starting to sound redundant and overly similar to one-another. Sometimes, a genre needs to reseed or take a step back in order to grow a new branch of innovating music.

Though Trust isn’t a new and innovating project setting the path of new music exploration, it does however, represent a unique mix of familiar electronic sound formulations from the past and present. And you know what? Trust does a damn good job of creating solid production with their debut album, TRST. The upcoming full-length is all-around impressive with a smooth display of emotive synth-dance music that exudes a sexy and mysterious vibe.

It is said that Trust began writing songs about erotica, lust and those moments from the past. Their provocative track (and my favorite) “Shoom,” makes you want to take your partner in the corner of a dark club and ride to the beat taking in all the sonic pleasures. It’s very apparent that Alfons and Postepski’s vocals complement each other throughout many of the tracks. Alfons’ vocals are deep and original with a touch of grit, while Postepski brings forth that soft, almost-monotone feminine quality.

There are many solid sounding tracks in this full-length. Each with different tempos and arrangements, yet they are connected in their sonic treatments. Tracks like “Dressed for Space,” “Gloryhole,” and the hypnotic “Sulk” are all about taking your ass to the dance floor and having that experiential moment. Then there are tracks like “Candy Walls” that take you to another plane of reality while songs like “F.T.F.” bring the pleasure close with anticipation. And then we can’t forget “Heaven,” which I imagine would be playing on the loud speakers in 7th heaven. It’s an alluring track that kisses your ears softly.

TRUST should be proud of their debut album, TRST. It’s a solid display of sexy and thought-provoking electro-gloom with nostalgic hints of 80s industrial. In a time where electronic music has grown stagnant, Trust has come through with something refreshing that pulls an immediate reaction from its listeners. It’s not sugarcoated—but hard and real, and dripping with alluring mystery.

Words: Walter Burciaga


Artist: Trust
Album: TRST
Label: Arts & Crafts
Release Date: Feb. 28, 2012

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