Hot Band Alert: Ultraísta at the Echoplex Oct. 19, 2012


His production in the late 90s with Radiohead swelled some golden waves of sound, which led him to work with famed musicians Paul McCartney, Travis, Beck and many more. Heralded as a super-producer, Nigel Godrich is comin’ in hot with his new three-piece ensemble called Ultraísta.

Spawned from a love of afrobeat, electronica and art, Godrich started the band with drummer Joey Waronker (The Smashing Pumpkins, Elliott Smith, Beck, R.E.M.). When it came to the vocals, instead of recruiting a well-known and already established vocalist, Godrich and Waronker took a different route by joining forces with Laura Bettinson — a London-based solo artist who until now, not many people across the pond knew didly about. The end result was the riveting creative effort, Ultraísta.

Their sound is sexy, full of life and clings to a sense of delicacy with the charming vocals of Bettinson. Her voice is enchanting as it is mysterious and rides along smoothly with the electronic production and percussion of Godrich and Waronker. Not one overpowers the other; instead they resonate with an alluring sound that you can move-and-groove to, or just chill.

Get ready to dance to their bouncy track “Bad Insect.” With afrobeat rhythms and tribal-esque percussion, you might want to create a barefoot raindance to this jam. Alternately, Godrich gives way to let your musical soul float into a dreamy-beat-filled world with “Wash It Over,” where Bettinson’s vocals give off a hypnotic tone especially with her repetitive chorus.  Whether downtempo or robust with complex beats, Ultraísta is a hot listen and something to look forward to live.

Ultraísta make their Los Angeles debut at the Echoplex on Friday, Oct. 19th! Tickets are priced at $14 – $16 and you can get them here! AND, we’re also giving away tickets to this show! Click here to enter the giveaway!

Words: Sandra Burciaga



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