Top 10 Hipster Shoes on the East Side – Popular Hipster Shoes

Top 10 Hipster Shoes on the East Side – Popular Hipster Shoes

Are you guilty of dressing like a hipster? Living and playing in East Los Angeles, in cities such as Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Highland Park and Echo Park — you see a ton of hipsters everywhere. If you reside in those areas you’re probably very familiar with all of the footwear below.  Some get their style on a bit dressy, while others like the laid-back or athletic approach.

Which hipster shoe are you? We’re all guilty of a few! Below are our top 10 hipster shoes. These are the shoes we see most walking the streets of East Hollywood.

Wingtips – Worn when a hipster wants to project an intellectual image and likely found at Intelligentsia or Chango.


Toms – Especially glitter and especially stanky.

Combat Boots – Preferably unlaced with loose shoe strings.

Jeffrey Campbell American Flag Shoes – Just about every trendy hipster girl has these. So, original … Who’s ever feet these are, your toes should not be hanging over your shoes — that’s just ratchet.

SUPRAs – A throwback to high tops with some flamboyant colors — these are for the sporty hipster.

Beatle Boots – For the debonair hipster in training.

Minnetonka Moccasins – Fuckin’ hippies 😉


Dr. Martens – *sigh … What would Kurt Cobain think?

Keds – Thanks a lot, Sleigh Bells.

Barefoot – This has become very popular of the late — and it’s just nasty in public. Have no idea how some of them kids hike Griffith Park barefoot.

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Hipster Shoes on the East Side – Popular Hipster Shoes

  1. Sandy Post author

    @Erik – Ha! Glad you dig, Erik. Some readers get pissed and take these too personal. With just about everything on the Internet, take it with a grain of salt. I have nothing against hipsters (I get called one all the time) or any style really, we (and I) write about all lifestyles, and pick on them as well as praise them. I’m guilty of three pairs of shoes on that list, and I still have my first pair of 7-hole green doc martens from 1992. I wish they still fit!

  2. Erik Bustos

    Lol I knew Sandy wrote this before seeing her name at the bottom, pretty funny. I always enjoy her anti-hipster posts. I occasionally play in Silverlake and Echo Park too. And yes, we are all guilty of some of these things. I have Dr. Martens, but I had it them before the hipster phenomenon arrived, since i was a little 15 year old kid back in 2001. Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Walter nasi

    Hey cuz…I got my daughter into dr.martens…she bought her first pair last month..she luvs them…its cool to see them still in style…I was wearing them way before kurt cobain…then again, I’m old!

  4. Jahmez

    Wish I can attend my business meetings sporting a Paul Bunyan beard & Barefooted ! I wonder what Global Topic they are working on, I sure hope it’s put in motion

  5. Camille

    Hey Sandra,
    Off the GRID!! Facebook deleted over a year ago. Keep me posted. I have on the moccassins today! I am freaking Hippy!
    XOXO Camille

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