Buika at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex – Photos and Show Review – Nov. 17, 2012

We get to see so many spectacular shows and only with a few do the performers get up-close-and-personal with the audience, touching those special nerves that move something inside you. We saw “Flamenco queen” and Latin Grammy winner, Buika (“BWEE-kah”) last Saturday, November 17 at The Luckman Fine Arts Complex and this woman hit some nostalgic, bitter sweet memories with show-goers — singing about love and giving candid humor about being alone.

The audience kept yelling “I love you!” and Buikia responded, “If you love me, why am I sleeping alone tonight?” After a few laughs, Buika moved onto singing fusions of many musical styles with her powerful flamenco voice; her songs full of melancholy and romance took us to our own moments of loneliness where, as she said, “the lonely ones are the ones who love the most.”

Photography:  Farah Sosa

Click through for more photos of Buika!

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