I think yesterday’s 100+ degree weather pretty much confirmed that summer is here! For those of you that were sweating your asses off yesterday and were stuck without an air conditioner — you may want to start switching up your wardrobe to welcome this piping hot weather. Below are 11 Hot Summer Trends Inspired by East Hollywood Show-Goers — yep, you or your friends are probably in these photos.

Photography: Dominoe Farris-Gilbert

Parasols – Don’t wanna wear a hat? Grab a cute and colorful parasol this summer and take it with you on your summer outings in Silver Lake Meadow or Elysian Park to add some flair to your seasonal look.

parasols - Los Angeles summer fashion trend

Breezy Shorts & T-shirts – You can’t go wrong with an all cotton t-shirt and some comfortable loose shorts to let that breeze in! Pick a wild print for your shorts and pair it with your favorite concert T-shirt and voila!

short and t shirts - Los Angeles summer fashion trends

Kimonos – They’re light, funky and just feel great agasint your skin. This one is especially rad because of all the music notes.

Kimonos - Los Angeles summer fashion trends

Big Floppy Sun Hats – Protect that tender skin on your face from the sun with a sassy summer hat. Don’t go too big though, you may annoy some people dependent on where you’re at and how many times your rim runs into them.

Big Floppy Sun Hats - Los Angeles summer fashion trends

Tanks and Cut-off Sleeves – Show off that tan and tone (or what you’re working on), with a tank top or sleeveless shirt. If you have an old shirt that lost some of its flavor, cut off its sleeve and bring some life back into that rag!

Tanks and Cut-off Sleeves - Los Angeles summer fashion trends

Scarves and Bandannas – These lil guys have a fabulous amount of fashionable uses. Wear them as a flirty summer top, as a mask for those dusty summer music festivals, and/or as a hair accessory to keep those locks out of your face on a sweltering summer day.

Scarves and Bandanas - Los Angeles summer fashion trends

Less is more, right? – It’s summer time, you’re hot and sweaty — and if you got it, you mindas well rock it. Dare to bare all and show more skin this summer. Just remeber, there is a time and place for everything,

Less is more - Los Angeles summer fashion trends

Crop-tops – Dependent on what look you’re going for, you can pair a crop-top with just about anything. Go high-wasted or go low-rider or go home.

Crop Tops - Los Angeles summer fashion trends

Girly Ankle Socks – Whether you’re wearing a girly pair of lace ankle socks with your favorite pair of platforms or a worn-down pair of Doc Martens, add to your feminine godess with this fun summer look. It’s sweet and sexy.

Crop Tops - Los Angeles summer fashion trends

Fringe – Have an old T-shirt you want to spiced up? Cut some fun fringe into fabric! As you can see in the photo below, this look can work on anyone (just make sure you’re not making a bratty stink face while wearing any sort of fringy hippy garbs — Father John Misty doesn’t like that.)

Fringe tops - Los Angeles summer fashion trends

Dresses – Itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie dresses, maxi dresses, see-through dresses, long tank-tops as dresses — it’s summer in Southern California and anything goes for a dress around this time of year. Whatever you chose, just make sure it looks great and tasteful!

Fringe tops - Los Angeles summer fashion trends