Win VIP Passes to Jubilee Music and Arts Festival

Jubilee Music and Arts Festival VIP Passes

The Jubilee Music & Arts Festival is kicking off this weekend and it’s gonna be a damn good time. This year, Grimy Goods is a sponsor and we’ll be launching Grimy T.V at the Jubilee — a series of live video interviews with bands. These won’t be your typical interviews, they’re going to weird, wild and very nontraditional. With that said, we want you to join us! We’re giving away a pair of VIP passes to one lucky winner, courtesy of the Jubilee and Grimy Goods! The VIP passes are good for both days of the festival, you get access to the VIP area, special treats and free adult beverages. That means: THIS CONTEST IS FOR THOSE 21-AND-OVER! Sorry kiddies, hit us up when you’re 21.



1. First make sure you’re following Grimy Goods on Twitter!

2. Next, send this Tweet:

Hey @GrimyGoods! I wan to win VIP passes to @JubileeMusic Fest this weekend!  #Jubilee2013 #GrimyJubilee 

3. Last, leave a comment on this post letting us know which bands you’re most excited to see and why!? We love your input and want to add on to our existing MUST SEE JUBILEE BANDS list! Be sure to include your Twitter name in the comment space and be sure to fill out your name (no need for last name if you don’t feel comfortable) and exact email (we will email the winner). Click here to leave your comment.

We will select a winner tonight! The winner will be notified by email, and announced via Twitter and our Facebook. Good luck!

For more information on the Jubilee Music & Arts Festival, this June 7 & 8, 2013, click here. To enter other Grimy Goods giveaways, click here.

19 thoughts on “Win VIP Passes to Jubilee Music and Arts Festival

  1. Eric vasquez

    I want to see the black lips and trash talk because
    They are gonna tear shit up. Twitter name is wolvesareaway

  2. Jonathan Bahk

    The Drums.
    Portamento is one of the best albums of the decade and it’d mean a lot just to see them live.
    And Riff Raff, because come on. Riff Raff needs no reason.

    (I forgot the twitter name – @whatthebahk)

  3. Jonathan Bahk

    The Drums.
    Portamento is one of the best albums of the decade and it’d mean a lot just to see them live.
    And Riff Raff, because come on. Riff Raff needs no reason.

  4. tomtom

    i forgot my twitter handle earlier: tomtomandtom (i also didn’t mention i look forward to seeing both kitten and the drums.)

  5. Steven Wood

    I’m excited to see Bleached, Kitten, & The Drums. The Drums always put on a good show and get people dancing. Plus, their debut LP is one of my favorites of all time. I haven’t seen Kitten or Bleached live yet, but I’ve been jamming to their album “Ride Your Heart” for the past few weeks. @Blinker4Life

  6. John Paz

    KITTEN & TORCHES! I love both of these guys and love it even more that they’re both PASADENA (South Pas to be correct) BANDS THAT ARE MAKING IT HUGE!!!

  7. Jacqueline Pelayo

    Lets celebrate LA! I want to see NO because they’re amazing live & I just can’t get enough of them. Hott MT because they’re song ‘Never Hate Again” would be a blast to dance to on a warm LA night. The Dead Ships because they’re awesome (period). Tapioca + the Flea in hopes of listening to new songs, EP out later this year! -missjaq

  8. Samantha Taylor

    I would love to see Black Lips and The Dead Ships. Also super excited for the arts booths 🙂 Fantastic music and love looking at all the local artists. So much rocking going on.

  9. amy ramos

    I’m most excited to see Black Lips! The last time I saw them was in 09 and I miss them 🙁

  10. Jossue Arrazola

    I want to see the drums. They put n a good show..everyone dancing

  11. tomtom

    i’m uber-excited about data romance, raiz, lovelife, tapioca + the flea, + calvin love.

  12. Natasha

    I would be SO stoked to see Bleached because they put on a hell of a show – lots of dancing, moshing, crowd surfing, and it makes me feel sixteen again. I need the nostalgia factor! Even more excited for the enigma that is RiFF RAFF because I want to see if he is for real or not.

  13. Dan knight

    Most excited to see RIff Raff because well… It’s Jody high roller and he never comes to LA. Also Cherry Glazer is a must see. The girls are so cute and the music if fun too.

  14. Brian Edmiston

    I wanna see NO (cos they rock),Oh Boy Les Mecs (cos they swoon),Free Energy (cos they party) and Kitten (cos she’s a rockstar) – Voodoohipster

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