Grimy T.V. Interview with Bleached — Babes and Hotdogs!

Here’s our second installment of our new Grimy T.V. interviews. This time we have our special guest host, Allysun Maria Dutra, designer and owner of L.A. couture label Kittinhawk handling all the Q & A’s. Watch Allysun get grimy with the rad ladies of Bleached! The Clavin sisters bare all in this interview and reveal their male band crushes, who they lost their virginity to (and at what age), their favorite L.A. venue, and there’s also some wild hotdog action going on in there and much more.

Press play and check out all the Grimy T.V. action with Bleached below!

Grimy T.V. Interview with Bleached from Grimy TV on Vimeo.

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