Win tickets to M.I.A. at the Shrine Expo Hall


The fiery rapper/singer has extended her tour Matangi tour and will return to the West Coast with a headlining date at the Shrine Expo Hall on May 29th, in addition to new tour dates in San Diego, Las Vegas and Mountain View. M.I.A. is touring in support of her new album, Matangi, which was released on Nov. 5th via N.E.E.T. / Interscope. If you missed her stunning performance at the Belasco, this is your chance to redeem yourself, so don’t blow it! 

Check out photos from M.I.A.’s November show at the Belasco!

Tickets to M.I.A. at the Shrine Expo Hall are priced at $49.50 (including service fees). You can purchase tickets or try and win a pair of tickets with us by entering the contest below!


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22 thoughts on “Win tickets to M.I.A. at the Shrine Expo Hall

  1. Ashley Waters

    Hi there! My bestfriends birthday is coming up and a M.I.A show would be a perfect way to celebrate omgoodness ohmygoodness! We love Mantangi, it is perfection. We’ve wanted to see her for a really long time now! Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. Kyra Huete

    Brown people on stage are euphoric to the music industry. Can I stand witness?

  3. Eunice Valverde

    Hi! My friend finally graduated from CSUF and we both love M.I.A. It would be amazing to be able to attend this concert since the last time she was in LA we were knee deep and in a dark place due to schoolwork. At times I just wanted to toss my books across the room and scream “Y.A.L.A” and do this whole school business in another lifetime haha. FORTUNATELY, we both finally got our diplomas this year and this would be such a grand way celebrate!Thanks GrimyGoods!!!
    “I fly like paper, get high like my grades!”
    “Bona fide nerd, making my A!”

  4. KD

    Hi GrimyGoods!

    Super stoked to see M.I.A. it’s not like she hasn’t home to L.A. a bunch, because she has. My thing is that I haven’t always been the most financially gifted music snob so I’ve missed her each time. This my one of may attempts to get to see her. Love her album, it’s my party anthem through this funky weather. Hopefully my day will come when I’ll get to see her.

    Keep up the great work!


  5. JordanL

    *ahem* I am one of the said homies that Mr. Rob Obedoza up there is referring to in his comments. and actually, it was myself who hipped Mr. Obedoza to M.I.A. and I’ve supported her since the beginning. I’ve been wanting to see her for years, but just hasn’t happened. So it’d be a great F-U to my homie, Rob Obedoza, if you award me those tix and I bring someone else to the show lol

  6. Rob Obedoza

    I’d like to win a pair of tickets because I was supposed to go see M.I.A. in San Francisco back in 2007 when ‘Arular’ came out but didn’t end up going because I couldn’t get the day off of work to drive mid-week to SF from Sacramento. My friends (one who lived in SF a few blocks away from the venue) didn’t end up going either because they said I ruined the whole thing by not being able to go and to this day still bring it up every now and then even though we were all grown ass men at the time and they could have easily gone without me. So winning tickets and going to the show would be a nice F-U to those homies 🙂

  7. tal

    I know You Always Live Again, but I’d rather see MIA live before I get reincarnated as a goat, not after. PS does flattery work? If so, Grimy Goods is awesome. If not, it’s still awesome but I’ll try not to be obnoxious about it

  8. Andrea (@drea_5)

    I LOVE M.I.A.!!!! I have been wanting to see her perform live for a long time. I would have bought the tickets, but I had to prioritize grad school app fees. I am super stressed just waiting to hear back from schools so this would help me de-stress and have some FUN!

  9. nina boone

    I am MIA’s twin!!! Been listening to her music since Arular with Bucky Done Gun and Sunshowers!! And take all my fashion inspiration from MIA too. My parents have always loved her music too – I am half Indian half white so her music hits home for us. The only time I was able to see MIA I was in college, blew my savings and flew to Austin to see her at ACL and had the time of my life!!!!! I am a huge fan and would love to see her again – especially at an LA show!! I don’t have a lot of money (and work in music – go figure) and would love to see her live again!! If I could I would drop any amount of money to see her live again!!! She’s been my #1 for so long now – please pick me!!

  10. Josie

    I’ve been an early fan and have enjoying watching M.I.A. evolve as an artist. I cannot stop listening to her latest record, and its been on repeat ever since it came out. Love the things she has to say, and respect her way of getting them across.

  11. Jose Martinez

    I live for MIA! I love how she’s such a feminist and is so outspoken. She has that bad girl attitude which empowers her women fans! She’s amazing and I would be honored to attend one of her spectacular shows! If I am chosen, please email me at

  12. Jordyn Avila

    Reasons I should win MIA tickets
    1. Grimy goods is the fucking shit
    2. If I don’t win tickets I will fly so high and become MIA

  13. Dee

    i love MIA so much, she’s incredible, it’d be memorable to see her live and i haven’t been to a concert in almost a year so it’d be really fun

  14. Taylor

    Me and my gf are huge fans! We’re dying to see her but cant afford the tickets as I am not working right now. Brighten up one of our days while I venture on this awful job search?

  15. azin

    been a fan since the first record, remember being in nyc and her songs popping into my head…
    like that she started out doing art/visuals for other artists. she’s wicked good.
    would love to get the visual overload experience at the show!

  16. Carlos Cuauhtémoc Aƍuas-Pinzón

    ditto on everything kenny c wrote, except that i have seen her live (somehow ended up in a party of 12 people at the amazing belasco show!).
    since then, i’ve been wanting to see her again, i’m just happy i don’t have to wait another year. thus, i would love to go see her at the shrine – i vow to twerk on stage in your honor!

  17. kristen

    M.I.F**CKING.A, she’s absolutely amazing! Who wouldn’t want to see her?! She’s just so carefree and what every women should be (maybe minus a rap career). She takes shit from no one and still remains to be a great mother. I’d love to get my bucky done gun on, fly some paper planes, and come down, come down, comeeeee down during her performance. I bet she awesome live!!!

  18. Gina Kim

    I’ve loved MIA since high school, and have yet to have the chance to see her. I’ve never had the chance to see her play live, and I was so bummed I missed the year at Coachella when she played because I was in nursing school. I would love the chance to see her play for the first time ever in my life. Please pick me!!! 🙂

  19. Denise lopez

    Reasons to pick me:
    1. Im broke and cant afford to buy a pair of tix (i really can’t think of any better reason)
    2. I liked her way before people jumped on the “paper planes” bandwagon 🙂 (i know that sounds hipster af but it’s true!!)
    3. I always seem to lose at these contests :'( so for once it would be nice to win 🙂
    4. I <3 grimy goods :-*

  20. Rocio Flores

    t is my birthday on the night of the show it would make a great gift, I have admired M.I.A since the beginning of her career and have not had the pleasure to see her live, please help me encounter a very magical night with the experience of enjoying her music in concert. ✌

  21. Mike A

    Hey guys Winning a pair of tickets to this show would be fucking amazing. My 1 year anniversary with my gf lands on that weekend so ending the Saturday night with an M.I.A show would be a great expirience & memory. Thanks y’all

  22. Kenny C

    I’ve been an MIA fan since day one… from her beginnings with Diplo and Switch on Arular and Kala, to MAYA (my least favorite album), to Matangi. I’ve yet to see her live and if you had to pick someone for these tickets, it should be me! I won’t only appreciate the music, but the art as well. I respect MIA as a musician, visual artist, politcal activist, and bad ass female. These tickets definitely won’t go to waste if you choose me!

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