UPDATE: May 16 – Here’s the official FYF 2014 lineup poster!

fyf fest 2014 lineup poster



UPDATE: May 15th 6:05 p.m. — Sorry, guys. Looks like FYF is dragging this lineup announcement even further past its aforementioned “by May 15th deadline”. *Le sigh … Trust me, I feel your pain.


It looks like the 2014 FYF Fest lineup is going to be announced real soon. FYF Fest just update their homepage with “HI ALL, DETAILS FOR FYF FEST 2014 WILL BE POSTED SOON.” To accompany the brief update, they’ve added a song by confirmed FYF 2014 act, Built To Spill. fyf fest 2014 lineup announcement coming

It’s that time of year again when all of the indie and underground music lovers start asking, when will the 2014 FYF Fest lineup be announced!? If you were to lurk the Twitter and Facebook worlds, you’d see a very high dosage of FYF-related updates. Not only are fans waiting in thick anticipation for the coveted lineup, but they’re also very curious as to where the new FYF Fest will be located. Due to the renovations taking place at the L.A. State Historic Park, FYF had to relocate their annual weekend festival (Aug. 23 & 24) to a new location. While everyone speculates as to who’s performing at FYF 2014, the only words few words that truly matter right now are: “FYF FEST 2014 LineUp Announced!” Unfortunately, we have yet to see that golden update. Last year, the FYF lineup was announced on Monday, May 13th. And according to FYF’s Twitter, the 2014 lineup and new location will be revealed before May 15th. So if that good news is not happening tonight, it looks like Wednesday is our lucky day (and I’m really hoping for that so I don’t have to waste my days glued to my computer … girl’s gotta hike!)

While we wait on the official 2014 FYF Fest lineup, let’s join the speculation as to who’s on the bill. We already know that FYF repeats a lot of their favorite bands, not just at FYF Fest, but with regular FYF shows throughout the year. We took that piece of information and made a few educated guesses to come up with our own FYF forecast below. Check them out and let us know who you think is going to perform at the 2014 FYF Fest? 

Boris — Because they’re badass. And because they have a nice gap in their tour schedule during FYF with no Los Angeles dates announced.

Built To Spill — They straight up confirmed their FYF date via their Facebook page.

Four Tet — The last time he performed at FYF was in 2009, and on his current tour schedule he has “TBA” next to Aug. 23 and 24. Not to mention, Four Tet sold out two FYF shows at the Echoplex this past March.

Murder City Devils – They just announced West Coast tour dates through Aug. 22 in San Francisco. As mentioned on their Website, the rest of their West Coast dates will be announced soon …

Darkside — Aside from their sold out January FYF show at the Fonda, Darkside have a 10-day gap this August during their international tour which makes plenty of room for FYF.

No Age — They play every year!

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds — They have tour dates booked through August 2nd, and FYF just booked a sold out show with Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds at the Theatre at Ace.

XXYYXX — This is a hunch. He’s never played FYF, yet FYF is now co-presenting XXYYXX’s upcoming sold-out show at the Echoplex.

Future Islands — By far one of the best performances at this past Coachella, Future Islands have an amazing new album out and tour dates open around FYF (played FYF 2012, 2011)

Deafheaven — They’ve never performed at FYF Fest, but have played numerous FYF shows since 2012, but what put them on the L.A. map was opening up for Boris at the Echoplex back in May of 2013.

Operation Ivy — Now this is just pure wishful thinking and I’m just putting the good vibes out there in the hopes of making it come true.

Now, I’m tired of writing explanations as to why we think these bands will play FYF, so for the rest of our educated guesses, I’ve just gone ahead and listed them below along with the date(s) they previously played FYF (if any). All the bands below have open tour dates during FYF Fest as well.

Tycho (2012)
Little Dragon
Panda Bear (2010)
Against Me! (2012)
Cloud Nothings
7 Seconds (2010)
La Dispute
Fucked Up (2012, 2009, 2008)
Pink Mountaintops (2011)
Simian Mobile Disco (2012, 2013, 2011)
Joyce Manor (2012, 2013)
Mutual Benefit
Mr. Little Jeans (playing First City Fest)
Sleepy Sun (playing First City Fest, last FYF show was 2009)
Afghan Whigs

Okay, that’s all we got! How about you? Leave a comment below and let us know who’s show vibes you’re feeling.

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Oh, yeah. It looks like someone has released their own imaginary version of the 2014 FYF Fest lineup (and it’s pretty ridiculous).