Yann Tiersen live at the Fonda, a delicate yet powerful perfromance

The Fonda Theatre hosted a night of all kinds of lovely by having Yann Tiersen’s last stop on his U.S. tour promoting his latest album, Infinity. Tiersen is a French musician and multi-instrumentalist from the Brittany region of France. Often confused as a soundtrack composer, Tiersen’s music transports us to serene places through minimalist and precise notes. As you hear his music, you can visualize sparkles on water, rain drops falling on the ground, the view from the window of a train in movement and so much more. Hence, stories are suitable for such imaginary escapades. On our side of the planet, he is best known for his award winning score for Jean-Pierre Juenet’s movie “Amelié”.  Reviewing Tiersen’s live performance may sound like inevitable poetry, thanks to the beauty of his creations.

The evening had a varied repertoire from Infinite such as “A Midsummer Evening” masterfully accompanied by his tour entourage integrated by equally skillful multi-instrumentalists and vocalists, sounding even better live. Nonetheless, Tiersen kept teasing the crowd reminiscing through a few notes on his toy piano until surrendering to play one of his timeless and everyone’s favorite, “La Dispute”.  The entire night portrayed delicate yet powerful music between piano, xylophones and bells. Far from your usual Top 40, Tiersen’s music reveled in the sounds of avant garde rock, musette waltz, classical minimalism and so much many more lush soundscapes. Hi seamless creative freedom was greatly adored by the audience and patient smiling faces waited for the next jewel.

Stunning performance! Check out our photos of Yann Tiersen at the Fonda!

Photos & Words: Farah Sosa

Yann Tiersen live photos

Yann Tiersen live photosYann Tiersen live photosYann Tiersen live photosYann Tiersen live photos

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