Hot New Artist: With just one song, L.A. based Odessa is on the rise to stardom


Sometimes it takes just one song to be hooked on a new artist. This applies in the case of Los Angeles-based Odessa, a talented singer/songwriter that should definitely be on your watch list.

Her lone track available, “I Will Be There”, has been featured in a couple of commercial and T.V. spots over the past year. In fact, if you search the lyrics, you’ll find a number of people frantically trying to figure out who the artist is, whether they stumbled across it from a Subaru commercial or an episode of ABC’s Mistresses. There just wasn’t much out there on Odessa.

Fear not, the talented singer will finally put forth her debut EP on Aug. 26. “I Will Be There” on its own merits is enough to warrant a purchase of the EP, and there’s no doubt the 27-year-old will pack a vocal punch elsewhere on the release.

Once the lead-singer of folk bluegrass group Bearfoot, but her solo stuff has much more of a wider appeal. Her soulful voice is what sets her apart from others and it immediately strikes a chord in “I Will Be There”.

There’s no doubt she helped move a number of Subarus.

Interesting Tidbit: She got her first introduction to music by playing the violin and didn’t pick up a guitar until more recently. She played violin on the Railroad Revival Tour with acts like Mumford & Sons, Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros, and Old Crow Medicine Show. She subsequently toured as a member of Edward Sharpe’s band on violin.

Three Words to Describe: soulful, soothing, angelic

Upcoming Tour Dates: Aug. 27 at The Bootleg. Tickets are priced at $10 – $20. Get your tickets!

Feature by Mark E. Ortega


Watch and Listen: Odessa – “I Will Be There” Music Video

Watch Odessa perform “I Will Be There” on The Queen Latifah Show

One thought on “Hot New Artist: With just one song, L.A. based Odessa is on the rise to stardom

  1. Country Paul

    There is another video out there under the name “Odessa Rose” called “Hummed Low.” It is very different from this track and also superb! It is posted at this blog:

    She has also used the name Odessa Jorgensen; I’m on a hunt now to listen o any music she has out under that name.

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