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Hot New Artist: With just one song, L.A. based Odessa is on the rise to stardom

Sometimes it takes just one song to be hooked on a new artist. This applies in the case of Los Angeles-based Odessa, a talented singer/songwriter that should definitely be on your watch list. Her lone track available, “I Will Be There”, has been featured in a couple of commercial and T.V. spots over the past […]

Kacey Johansing
Hot New Music: Kacey Johansing – Grand Ghosts – Album Review

  Close your eyes and imagine hearing the voice of a glamorous lounge singer circa 1940 with sultry vocals created to melt your heart. Kacey Johansing’s sophomore LP Grand Ghosts, blends the classic beauty of yesteryear with a touch of sullen tone and modern experimental music. Her warm and rich vocals have an old-timey feel that’s […]