Lucy & La Mer Spread Joy Through Europe With Their Newest Single / Video ‘Discover’

Lucy & La Mer

Indie folk star Lucy & La Mer went all the way to Paris to create the visuals for her newest tune, ‘Discover.’ The track is a bubbly, feel good anthem aimed at reminding the world that “the best is here, it all begins right now.” See life in all its color through Lucy’s eyes:

Featuring Lucy and her ukulele on boardwalks and carousels, the music video for ‘Discover’ encourages a sense of true freedom. The traveling songwriter makes her way through Paris, ending at a night club where she performs the song to an upbeat crowd. The uplifting lyrics in ‘Discover’ hone in on Lucy’s story of validation and discovery within the self.


Lucy & La Mer are known around LA for their eclectic stage presence and community driven fundraisers and performances. Follow Lucy & La Mer on Instagram to keep up with the joy and see them live!

Words by Ariana Tibi

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