Los Angeles bands and artists! Get FREE studio time with Converse Rubber Tracks

converse rubber tracks

Los Angeles bands and artists looking for studio time at an affordable price? Look no further. Converse Rubber Tracks has the opportunity of a lifetime! If you’re a band or artist out of Los Angeles and its surrounding cities, you have a chance at scoring some FREE studio time with Converse Rubber Tracks!

Converse Rubber Tracks is a community-based professional recording studio in Brooklyn, but lucky for the many talented bands in Los Angeles, Converse Rubber Tracks partners with local L.A. recording studios to provide free recording time for local musicians. Putting on some of the best shows and events, Converse Rubber Tracks has worked with artists such as Deafheaven, Haunted Summer, and most recently Vince Staples with a FREE show coming to the Echoplex on January 16th.


Born out of the brand’s desire to give back to the music community, the Converse Rubber Tracks “pop-up” studios and Converse Rubber Tracks Live tour are part of several ongoing initiatives Converse provides for emerging artists to unleash their creative spirit. Since the flagship studio opened in Brooklyn in July 2011, Converse Rubber Tracks has provided thousands of aspiring musicians the opportunity to record in a state-of-the-art studio at no cost. Converse Rubber Tracks supports artistic expression by allowing musicians across all genres an opportunity to record for free and retain all rights to their music. In the past two years, the program has expanded outside of Brooklyn with the Converse Rubber Tracks Live free music series and with Converse Rubber Tracks “pop-up” studios set up in vibrant music communities around the globe. Both have been established in cities such as Austin, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Montreal, São Paulo, Beijing, Amsterdam and Mexico City to name a few.

Get free studio time with Converse Rubber Tracks.

One thought on “Los Angeles bands and artists! Get FREE studio time with Converse Rubber Tracks

  1. Elijah

    Hey what’s up names EJ..This program seems interesting and i’d love to have this resource if possible…I’m a local producer/rapper in LA who has been learning and producing music for about 3 years now… My main workspace is at Dream Center Studios in LA, but I’m always looking for more workspaces if you know what I mean… I’ve also worked at the Grammy Museum through the MRP program…Me and my brothers have a lot of of material that we are waiting to complete but we rely on a lot of engineers and workspaces that are occupied and busy on other things most of the time… Hmu if you think you can be of assistance…

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