5 Ways To Avoid Chub Rub at FYF Fest

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While at FYF Fest this coming July 21-23, let’s remember a few wellness tips. With temperatures reaching the mid 90s, you’re bound to sweat. Like, sweat a lot. And as much as you love wearing those mini skirts, summer dresses and even fashion bikinis (as seen in the photo above), let’s remember the uncomfortable (and at times painful) situations that can come out of moist skin-to-skin contact, especially while in motion. I’m talkin’ about CHUB RUB!

For those that don’t know what is “chub rub” — it’s pretty much when a person’s inner thighs rub together leaving them with a very painful chaffing. I don’t have a thigh gap, and I don’t have millions of dollars floating around me to surgically get one (nor would I want that). I have a healthy set of legs with a booty to match, but with all those curves they can sometimes collide! The very top of my inner thighs like to meet each other and cause some unwanted friction. Add heat, sweat and constant walking, and you have yourself a serious chub rub.

While chub rub mainly plagues us ladies, it can happen to men too, especially if they’re into wearing short shorts, kilts or even going commando.

A few years ago at FYF Fest, I wore a cute sundress. It was hot, and considering I had worn pants the day before, I wanted to let my limbs breathe this time around. I did not expect to clock in what seemed like the equivalent to a 10-mile day, but I did. By the end of the night I had a massive, red and puffy chaffing between my legs. It was so bad that my now husband had to apply some diaper rash cream just to alleviate some of the pain and inflammation.

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So for all the women out there (and men) attending FYF Fest, whether you’re big, medium or small, don’t fall victim to chub rub like I foolishly did. There’s ways to avoid it. Protect yo’neck, and protect yo’ thighs!

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FYF Fest at Exposition Park

5 Ways To Avoid Chub Rub at FYF Fest:

1. Leggings / Tights — So you want to wear a pretty dress to FYF Fest, but you don’t want to get chub rub … simple! Just throw on some cute tights or leggings under your dress. Just make sure they’re light and not your winter leggings that are lined with fleece! These kitten tights are adorable. If your thighs have a little more meat and you need something more heavy duty, Actual Pain has some unique leggings to wear under your dress. If those are too pricey, Amazon has some great deals!

2. Lather Up! — Nah, you don’t want to wear anything under your dress except for chonies. That’s totally fine. Just be sure to lather up your inner thighs with some Body Glide. This stuff works great. Or you can fancy it up with Silky Underwear Dusting Powder. Smells great, feels nice and looks pretty. You might have to apply a few times, so bring it with you!

3. Bandelettes — Not only will these sexy little things protect your inner thighs from chaffing, but they look totally cute. Made of flirty lace, Bandelettes come in variety of colors. They will definitely add some spice to your style.

4. Diaper Rash Cream — No lie, this stuff works great. I had initially bought some Boudreaux’s Butt Paste for the care of a previous chub rub, and I was amazed to see how well it worked to prevent chub rub. Just slap some on to your inner thighs and get ready for a smooth glide at FYF Fest.  Be sure to pack the little tube in your purse so you can reapply. Alternative: Burt’s Bees Baby Bee (smells wonderful).

5. On The Cheap — So you don’t want to spend any money on preventing chub rub… don’t worry, you probably have a few things at home that will work just fine. From adding a few layers of deodorant, to spreading some coconut oil across those inner thighs, these home remedies can definitely help you out if you’re in a pinch. You’ll definitely have to reapply though!

P.s. If you’re using the deodorant method, sprinkle on some baby powder for a long lasting effect.


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  1. Jane

    Falling victim to chub rub is the worst! You should give Thigh Society a try- moisture wicking and breathable panty shorts. They are not shapewear so they are super comfy!

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