Underworld’s new video “If Rah” will have you dancing through the pain

Underworld photo

Underworld has dropped a new video for the song “If Rah” from their seventh album Barbara Barbara, we face a shining future and the song is sure to be a favorite to dance to on the Polo Fields during their appearances at consecutive weekends at Coachella.

The video is of a dancer in a white room working on her moves — not always landing them successfully. The song has a very nice beat that will quickly get stuck in your head after just one listen.

You can catch Underworld at the Fox Theater in Pomona a few days before their appearance at the first weekend of Coachella. They play there April 13 and awesome electronic act Bob Moses is opening. There are still a handful of tickets in the GA balcony section available at $32.00 each. You still have until today, April 6, to try and win tickets to the show through our ticket giveaway.



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