Woolf and the Wondershow

The city of Angels has a bevy of unique spaces to display music. Some are underground, some are very well-known and some are even kept secret with passwords that will grant you access. Last week we had the chance to explore a live performance by Woolf and the Wondershow at the downtown LA art space known as HNYPT.

Defined as “a space for the creative,” HNYPT was the perfect place to host a performance with the budding LA duo Woolf and the Wondershow. The duo composed of producer/singer Christopher J Baran & film composer Benjamin J Romans laid down infectious electro-pop for all to enjoy. Combining mapped visuals and semi theatrical performances between silhouettes and light, Woolf and the Wondershow successfully blended video with narrative and music. While the voice of Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl) occupied the intermissions, the duo would handle the sonic trip with magical realism and extraordinary performances taking us on a visual journey. It was truly a one of a kind concert experience that tickled all the senses.

Woolf and the Wondershow will release their debut EP, We Need To Talk this June 10. Stream the lead track, “Cloaked” below.

Photography & Words:  Farah Sosa

Woolf and the Wondershow Woolf and the Wondershow Woolf and the Wondershow Woolf and the Wondershow