budland Buddy shot by Brandon Espeleta

Buddy shot by Brandon Espeleta

On Friday July 14th Budweiser kicked off the weekend with their new two day festival called Budland to celebrate the launch of their new California bottle’s alongside LA’s music, fashion and food scene.

To start off the day rising star and Compton native Buddy went up first. Buddy recently released an EP with Kaytranda called “Ocean and Montana.” He went on to perform a few unreleased tracks and a few songs from his EP. He ended up ending his set with one of his more popular hits, ‘Shine’, with the crowd chanting for him to perform it.

After Buddy came The Internet’s Syd for one of her first solo performances. You could tell Syd was a highly anticipated act for this festival cause the crowd instantly roared with applause and cheers as she came out on stage. Syd was accompanied with co-member, from Odd Future, Taco as her DJ. She went on to perform practically her whole debut album ‘Fin’ and even played a few songs she made with The Internet.

People were speculative after Syd’s set due to the fact that the headliner had not been announced. Those who stayed enjoyed a special surprise with a guest performance from Ty Dolla $ign. Ty Dolla $ign put on a hell of a show bringing out guests such TeeCee 4800 to help him perform a few songs and of course he performed his hit songs such as “It’s a Vibe”,  and new single “Love U Better.” Overall, Day 1 was a blast. I know guests left excited to come back for Day 2.

Photography: Brandon Espeleta

budland syd the internet

Syd shot by Brandon Espeleta

budland rapper

Budland shot by Brandon Espeleta

Budland ty dollar sign

Ty Dolla $ign shot by Brandon Espeleta

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