Premiere: Jen Awad Delivers Us From Toxic Apathy in “Basic Bitch”

jen awad

A handful of Sundays ago, designer and musician Jen Awad joined Emma Cole onstage at the Moroccan for a few tracks at Wolf Bay’s single release party. As recorded in our review of the show, Awad hijacked the band for a show-stopping number of her own. That infectious song was “Basic Bitch,” and we are honored to feature its debut for all to hear; listen below.

Awad is fed up with toxic apathy. The half-Peruvian, half-Egyptian songwriter never gives anything less than a powerhouse performance, with lyrics that pack their own figurative punch. The vitriol in “Basic Bitch” is palpable, due in part to its personal relevance; Awad told Grimy Goods, “This song is based on a true story.” She is the hero we need, delivering absolution to fellow victims of grave basicness via her own testimony. Awad describes the song further:

“‘Basic Bitch’ is not about the “usual” basic. It’s about the new norm that is fucking crazy basic. It’s about the complacent superficial sad girl who never seems to be happy about anything. She prob used to be your very best friend ‘til you got bored of her incessant psychotic episodes. We don’t even know her anymore.”

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