A Village Comes Together for Wolf Bay at His Debut Single Release Party at the Moroccan

Wolf Bay

Wolf Bay. Photo by Derrick Lee

Sunday nights are typically used to rest up before work on Monday, but sometimes you’ll find a show worth losing sleep over. One such show took place at the Moroccan this past weekend, collecting donations for the Trevor Project and honoring Wolf Bay’s debut single, “Under the Moon,” which Grimy Goods premiered a few weeks ago. Play Like A Girl (PLAG) and ROVE co-hosted the night, filled with many styles of music, raffles, and vibes so good you could cash them in for friendship.

The night began early so that all the talent had ample time to share their stories with us. It was a bill five bands deep, starting with Rove founder and easily excitable badass, Michelle Young, performing as Michelle Young and the Collection. She was the emcee for the night as well, so she never wandered too far from the action. Following her onstage was Commonwealth kid, Georgi Kay, who is from Australia by way of England. The only appropriate way to describe a Georgi Kay live show is as powerful, because watching her create dance beats from scratch is nothing short of liberating. She will be putting out an album in November, so keep your ears to the ground on that.

wolf bay

Emma Cole (left) and Jen Awad. Photo by Alan Krespan.

Despite some disagreeable technology, VAVÁ put on a particularly invigorating set. Vanessa Wheeler helms the band, and graciously blessed us with an early rendition of Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better.” The music has a tropical flare accented by a hybrid drum pad kit, perfect for a Radiohead cover as well. Speaking of flares, Emma Cole lit up the stage right after VAVÁ, this time with only a mic in hand and her band jamming around her. She has similar qualities to energetic ladies like Grace Potter, but her genre is decidedly rockabilly, delivering on doo-wop anthems all night. She even brought out friend and collaborator Jen Awad to guest on a track, but Awad stole the show when she hi-jacked the band to play her single, “Basic Bitch.” The red fans were a nice touch.

Finally, we reached the main event: Wolf Bay. As Dean Passarella’s band filed in and began setting up the stage, Young returned for the first half of the raffle giveaways; all raffle ticket purchases and part of the ticket proceeds all went to the Trevor Project, an important organization that supports LGBTQ+ youth, especially in regard to suicide prevention. Prizes included passes for free yoga at Wanderlust, some games of “the bougiest bowling you’ll ever do in your damn life” at the Spare Room at the Roosevelt, a couple machines for coffee fiends, and other smaller prizes too.

Georgi Kay. Photo by Alan Krespan.

With just one single officially released, it was hard to determine what a full Wolf Bay show would entail. Encouragingly, there were some recognizable faces onstage part of Wolf Bay, including most notably local star Lauren Ruth Ward as half of the background vocals. All fears were assuaged after the set’s opener. The music swayed from easy-going classic rock to stadium-sized jams that you’ll have to see to believe. Halfway through the set, Passarella invoked genderqueer icon Héloïse Letissier, aka Christine and the Queens, performing her hit “iT,” complete with dance moves that Letissier would have approved of. The song’s significance for Passarella, who is trans, seems obvious but no less moving. He ended the set with a cover of Jeff Beck, jumping into the crowd get up close and personal with who I can only imagine are now diehard fans.

For one night we got a glimpse into the future of Wolf Bay, and it showed us there is so much more to come.


To donate to the Trevor Project yourself, visit the organization’s website. Find more info on PLAG here and ROVE here.

Follow Wolf Bay on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow Emma Cole on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow VAVÁ on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow Georgi Kay on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Follow Michelle Young and the Collection on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Michelle Young and the Collection. Photo by Alan Krespan.

VAVÁ. Photo by Alan Krespan.

wolf bay

Wolf Bay. Photo by Tammie Valer

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