Premiere: Grey Goon Risks Nothing on Strong New Single, “Take the Money”

Grey Goon

Local producer Grey Goon is breaking out of his shell with the release of a new original track today. He has been the backbone of Oddnesse alongside Rebeca Arango for the past couple of years, and he has also produced for other artists like Trippie Redd, DJ Khaled, and Lauren Ruth Ward, just to name a few. “Take the Money” utilizes the same steadfast smokiness that you will find across all his projects; listen to it exclusively below.

“For the song ‘Take The Money,’ I recruited my friends Ted Feldman (Bear Hands) and Lindsay Pitts (Gems) to come jam at my studio in Hollywood. We were listening to Enya and Nine Inch Nails; talking about music, money, romance, and nostalgia. We three have all been in several bands, riding the waves up and back down as they crest and break (along with your sense of self and bank account). Then we made a song inspired by all those things. Lindsay has such a beautiful voice and Ted is such a good guitarist/producer. Very psyched with how it turned out.”

Maybe it was his time living alone in a sparsely furnished apartment, where he studied music and drank too much, that lends to his ear for production. The experience allowed him to gain insight about music and emotion, and his prowess is on full display in the new single. Pitts sings on the track, making it feel nearly spectral with sheer vocals that risk tearing with any sudden adjustment. The title leaves out the words “and run,” but the sentiment is all the same: why risk a critical compromise when you can go your own way?

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