Feminist Punks OBJECT AS SUBJECT To Perform at Repro Rights Benefit RADICAL ACTS at Zebulon

The last we heard from OBJECT AS SUBJECT, they had just released their very first single. “Weaponry” was a bombastic introduction to the project led by Paris Hurley, which led to the release of a full-length album, PERMISSION, just a few months later. This feminist collective will be performing at RADICAL ACTS: A Party for Choice on Tuesday at Zebulon; the event is billed as a chance to celebrate reproductive rights and raise funds for Women’s Reproductive Rights Assistance Project.


Sponsored by several repro organizations such as Pro-Choice America, RADICAL ACTS will be a variety show featuring womxn-only on the bill. There will be several comedy sets, a drag performance, a film screening, art installations, dancing, and of course plenty of noise from headliners OBJECT AS SUBJECT.

To get a feel for the kind of disruption the band will make at their next show, give their 2018 record a spin. PERMISSION is punk as fuck, but not always in ways that you expect; it is a scratched manifesto on wax, told in three parts. The opening and closing acts are intense in different ways, with the finale invoking the fire of a Christian hell through religious imagery (“BENEDICTION,” “SINNER”) and thick layers of noise. The album’s many influences and disregard for structure reinforce that Paris Hurley would prefer to ask for forgiveness—if she thought there was anything to forgive. On the contrary, however, Hurley knows that her existence is not anything to apologize for.

Find tickets to RADICAL ACTS: A Party for Choice here. Donate directly to WRRAP here.

Listen to PERMISSION on Spotify. Follow OBJECT AS SUBJECT on Instagram and Facebook.

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