Premiere: L.A. indie-pop duo Maryanne Bold tackle mental health positivity on new single “Therapy Felt So New”

Maryanne Bold

Maryanne Bold, the Los Angeles indie-pop duo of Dylan Grossman and the vocals of Henry MacLean, have shared the uplifting new music video for their song “Therapy Felt So New.” An anthem about coming to terms with yourself and your mental health, the song courses with a surreal pensiveness that the video capitalizes on in similarly dreamy sequences. From saturated-colorful wide-shots of the Joshua Tree landscape to mini light shows in the car in the dead of night, the video is emblematic of the freedom both MacLean and Grossman feel ignited to share in the song.

“The song is about the self-exploration process of learning what makes you tick. It’s about the revelations that come with contending with your strongest emotions – mostly as it relates to love. I was very sad and angry at the time that I wrote it, learning how to practice cognitive behavioral therapy and trying to be more open and honest with myself about my thoughts and intuitions.”

Watch the video for Maryanne Bold’s new song “Therapy Felt So New” below!

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