vōx Shares New Single “I Am Not A God,” Signs to Arts & Crafts


LA based singer-songwriter-producer vōx (pronounced “wokes,” the Latin word for “voice”) announced earlier this week that she has signed with Indie label Arts & Crafts. In addition to her announcement, she also released a new single, “I Am Not A God,” an aloof sounding, yet deeply emotional projection of the artist who created it.

“I Am Not A God” unpacks vōx’s previous sexual trauma and analyzes how her religious upbringing affected her. The song is sparse, slow and electronically charged, striking a haunting combination of a careful vocal prowess and detached slow tempo electro beats. Vōx’s lyrics explore feelings of anxiety and chronicle her feelings of rebirth and healing.

Vōx’s music thus far has been a collection of self evaluating questions, vulnerable and raw. Through her lyrics, she explores her own upbringing, coming to terms with some of the negative side effects she experienced living a deeply religious life.

“I grew up deeply religious,” said vōx.“This project has uncovered all the ways those ideas I was taught fucked with my self worth and thus my ability to stand up for myself and my body. I really want to create a safe space for anyone who feels shame in their humanity and imperfection to begin unpacking and start healing. That’s what making this music has started for me.”

Vōx released her first EP in 2017, then promptly attended Red Bull Music Academy Berlin, and has self-released several other singles in between. All of her released work is highly emotional and especially self-reflective. In addition to her musical art, vōx often creates unorthodox visuals that can best be described as gothic high fashion. Her peculiar tastemaking abilities also lends itself to helping others who struggle with self worth. 

“I’m starting to embrace my humanity and imperfection in the hopes that I can create a safe space for others to do the same.”

More is to come from vōx very soon as she is ready to take her music to new heights. Keep up with via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Words: Patricia Sanchez

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