Paco Versailles

Here to grace Los Angeles with their new genre of dancemenco is Paco Versailles, aka the duo of Vahagni and Ryan Merchant (of Capital Cities). They blend disco and flamenco—hence the portmanteau—to form swirling clouds of infectious tunes. So far, they have released just two singles, and you can hear both and more at the Sayers Club tonight; grab tickets

The duo honors French disco (Daft Punk and Air are both from the Versailles area) and a flamenco great (Paco de Lucia) in their moniker, so it follows that they would put all that energy directly into their music.


Paco Versailles’ most recent track, “Shangri La” forms paradise right in your earbuds. Quick handclaps resonate against bursts of acoustic guitar, strings, and of course that glorious bassline. After all their searching, Paco Versailles chose to take matters into their own hands: “Heaven, I made it for myself.” We’re all better off in their shangri la. 

Find tickets to Paco Versailles’ performance at the Sayers Club tonight here. Follow the band on Instagram and Facebook

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