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Join Paco Versailles in Their Very Own “Shangri La” Tonight at the Sayers Club

Here to grace Los Angeles with their new genre of dancemenco is Paco Versailles, aka the duo of Vahagni and Ryan Merchant (of Capital Cities). They blend disco and flamenco—hence the portmanteau—to form swirling clouds of infectious tunes. So far, they have released just two singles, and you can hear both and more at the […]

ruby amanfu
Ruby Amanfu gives exquisite performance at Sayers Club revealing songs from new album “Standing Still”

After witnessing a couple of cat fights in and outside of the Sayers Club, in addition to the not-so-great service from the bartender, hearing Ruby Amanfu perform this past Thursday night at Sayers was a breath of fresh air. Sayers Club was mostly filled with an appreciating crowd. In between songs, the lovely singer songwriter from Tennessee shared stories […]

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