Goth Rock Icon Dol Ikara Debuts Obsidian Ritual EP—Will Perform at Zebulon on Sept 9

dol ikara

If you attended the third night of Brass Box’s residency, you probably caught wind of a dark new rock icon named Dol Ikara. Her debut EP, Obsidian Ritual, demonstrates the command that the goth rock artist, née Claire Roddy, has on lyricism and ambiance. You will have another chance to see Dol Ikara live at Zebulon on September 9 during Rain Phoenix’s residency; grab tickets here

The release’s lead single, “Sparrow,” is a narrative poem, revealing even more layers to Dol Ikara. That is to say, separate from her lyric-writing, Roddy is indeed a poet. She carries themes and metaphors throughout Obsidian Ritual. Though it was not included on the new EP, a song called “White Queen” was the first taste listeners got of her dark themes and woozy alt rock sound. It also introduced her penchant for monochromatic contrasts, which continues in “Black Flower,” a cut from the EP that billows with smoke.

Grab tickets to see her on September 9 at Zebulon here. You can also pick up a copy of Obsidian Ritual on Bandcamp. And, of course, follow Dol Ikara on Instagram and Facebook

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