Neon Indian
Neon Indian at Fonda Theatre — More photos by Ceethreedom

Neon Indian headlines the Teragram Ballroom in Downtown Los Angeles tonight, Wednesday, Oct. 16! Supporting Neon Indian at the Teragram are Chaos Chaos and BLACKPAW! Tickets are still available and you can grab them here.

What’s a Neon Indian show like?

Um, ahhhhmazing … duh. But if you need more inspo:

“From the lush chillwave of “The Glitzy Hive,” to the percussion popping groove in “Annie,” each song pulled you deeper into Palomo’s infectious whirlwind of technicolor energy. While channeling his inner Prince over the glittery synths on “C’est La Vie (say the casualties!),” Palomo dropped down to his knees and poured out the track’s emotive words in his velvet croon onto the crowd. Gushing with an excess of emotionality so that it dropped from his curls and clothes, Palomo danced nimbly between his extravagant synth melodies with an uncontrollable ecstasy. Seemingly barely able to contain himself, the dizzying waves of disco and techno rhythms of his wild instrumentals that he sent crashing against fans left them breathless and raving for more.” Read More.