Video Premiere: Zooluxx Celebrate Unity on “Different Planets”—Join Them Tonight at the Echoplex


These days, we should find our similarities with strangers rather than focus on our differences. What better way to bridge the divide than with raw, unadulterated funk? Local quartet Zooluxx penned a song to that end called “Different Planets,” and “it’s all about peace, love and equality,” shares front-man Troy Vincent. You can watch the brand new music video for it exclusively below.

Its politics are clear from the protest imagery, including vintage footage of Black Panther gatherings and “Black Lives Matter” plastered plainly across a few frames. Catch the band performing tonight, Oct. 17 at the Echoplex in celebration of the video’s release; don’t hesitate in grabbing tickets

“I see ‘Different Planets’ as a modern version of “Come Together” by the Beatles and that was the inspiration behind the concept of the music video. I took the hook and ran with it, ‘You don’t gotta be so mean, just ‘cause we’re from different planets, doesn’t mean we’re not the same.’ I hope by showcasing parallels from the 1960’s and today, that it would inspire kindness in world so filled with hatred.”
~ Video Director, Dr Jackie Linn

If you’ve heard of Zooluxx, it may be because they were residents at Good Times at Davey Wayne’s, playing once weekly for several years. It was there that they harnessed the confidence that drips from every note.

“Different Planets” has an intentional roughness that creates a cloud of infectious funk, enveloping all who hear it. Unsurprisingly, it was produced by contemporary funk master Karl Denson, who has played with Lenny Kravitz and has helmed iconic jam bands, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe and The Greyboy Allstars. His touch on the track is unmistakable, though Zooluxx warp the old-school sound to be their own. 

Find tickets to Zooluxx at the Echoplex on October 17 here. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook


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