Zach Villa leans into solo debut with darkly hypnotic single “Revolver”

Zach Villa—a lead on cult show American Horror Story: 1984–has shared his latest single “Revolver” since going solo. Previously of Rebel and a Basketcase, Villa has had a prolific hand in his relocation to Los Angeles: starting the label Speaker Cat Records and releasing the debut EP of his latest band Sorry Kyle. But “Revolver” is the emphatic exclamation point on this new chapter for Villa, with the singer finding a darker mix of tones to play with.

Delivered via spoken-word intonations and Villa’s hypnotic, intensive vocals, “Revolver” burns with a volatile kind of anticipation. The track steers itself away from the kinetic rock-pop of his previous acts and finds Villa anew finally in a vehicle of expression they can call their own.

“I don’t love to assign a ‘meaning’ to songs I write. I really think that the truth of that lies with the listener because, its all relative,” Villa said of the inspiration and meaning behind the song.

“When and how a song finds someone plays a huge part in what it is about for them. And ‘Revolver’ was written more like poetry, definitely in a stream of consciousness, which isn’t a new thing for me. “Sure, I go and write stuff that has a particular goal (see: pop banger in the dictionary), but with this project I think I wanted to get out of the way of that and just let the music guide me.

Have I been through some $h*t in the past few years? Yeah, I mean that’s the general social consciousness right now – so if that comes off as an assigned “darkness,” so be it. We all are in this together right now. I think there are themes of destruction, doubt, and lethargy in the tune, but equal amounts of force, a call to action & heaviness that begs to engaged and dealt with. Is it about overcoming? Maybe. I think change is inevitable for all of us, and if anything the ‘hero’ in the song is doing that…changing… like we all do. Like we all must do. Or die. When I figure out what its about (for me), I’ll let you know.“

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Listen to Zach Villa’s new song “Revolver” below!


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