Rachel Goodrich shares a carefree afternoon in the tropical tune “Matcha Matcha”

Rachel Goodrich

To kick off the new year, singer/songwriter Rachel Goodrich has shared a tropical, feel-good new ditty in the form of “Matcha Matcha.” While visiting friends and family in Miami, where Goodrich used to live and where she was dubbed the “Queen of Miami Indie-Rock” — the song was produced and recorded at River 71 Studios in Little Haiti, Miami.

“Matcha Matcha” was written with Goodrich’s friend Marlana Sheetz of Milo Greene and created in ten minutes as a simple call and response. The song is a bubbly, delicate tune that leaves you glowing under its sunny disposition. According to Goodrich, “Matcha Matcha” is all about living free and letting go, and that’s exactly the kind of jubilant clarity it offers in its warm melody.

“My friends from middle school built out and run a studio in Little Haiti called River71 Studios. Such a cool space. We arranged a session, made piña coladas, maybe munched on a little psilocybin surrounded by friends I grew up with, feeling tropical & psychedelic and recorded ‘Matcha Matcha’. We had a lot of fun making it,” Goodrich says of the song. “Lots of laughter, lots of freedom, sunshine breaks, a few late nights and lots of real tropical vibes [going] on. There was some good energy in the room for sure. It was really a magical journey.”

Listen to Rachel Goodrich’s “Matcha Matcha” below!

Rachel Goodrich is currently working on a new album. Visit her website, Facebook, and Instagram to stay updated on new releases and tour announcements.

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