Moses Sumney Captures Fragments of Humanity in New Single “Bless Me”

Moses Sumney
Moses Sumney by Eric Gyamfi

Ever exploring the concept of duality, musician Moses Sumney captures the contrast of human emotion with wide brush strokes and no desire to stay within the confines of a canvas not cut from his own cloth. His latest single, “Bless Me,” is no exception.

“Bless Me” is inherent of Sumney’s signature sound. Its slow and melodic instrumentals are carefully dipped in a rich, warm pool of paraffin wax vocals that melt and coagulate throughout the track. Stirring and settling, “Bless Me” sinks into a beautiful cyclical pattern, acknowledging the celestial nature of love and hate.

Without being overly specific, Sumney uses fragments of emotion to piece together a beautifully stained glass mural, one that reflects him both as he is and as an interpretation of himself.

The symbolic style of the song’s music video depicts Sumney riding around on a bike in dark, dramatic clothing; a background overly saturated in light and cross fade transitions add to the overall abstraction.

“Bless Me” is the last single before the release of Moses Sumney’s double album, “græ” out this Friday via Jagjaguwar Records; a collection of songs featuring a wide array of contributors and expands on his well received debut LP.

Currently residing in North Carolina, Sumney’s music and art radiates a deep intrinsic understanding for art in its purest form with the fortitude to share it on a grander scale.

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Words: Patricia Sanchez

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